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We're all about building community. We love people and we love the community we live in!

Oury business adventure started off with an idea to open a pizza restaurant, but after much thought and consideration we leaned toward the mobile pizza trailer business. That decision resulted in getting in our truck and driving from Morton, WA to Nashville, TN to pick up our baby (the trailer!).

It has been an adventure thus far and we're looking forward to serving in and around the community. Our mobile food business is not just about making the best wood fired pizza, but also getting connected with all of you!

We love cooking and we love people.



We will be taking the mobile food trailer to local events, farmer's markets and will primarily be located in Morton, WA.

We will also be offering our services for businesses and private events for both catering services and as a food truck offering.

If you'd like to know more, please contact us at (253) 312-9004. We would be delighted to discuss potential business and event planning with you.

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